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Unique Features of the Portable Kitchen®
The Portable Kitchen® is the finest cast aluminum barbecue grill available on the market today. The classic design of our unique barbecue grill will enhance the beauty of your patio or deck. The durable construction of this grill will ensure many years of enjoyment grilling, smoking or roasting your favorite recipe. The hinged grid allows easy refueling with charcoal or wood chips during low heat smoking and roasting. The versatility of this grill allows you to use it as a smoker, high-heat searing, or slow roasting, You’ll have unbeatable cooking control. While The PK Grill is an excellent addition to any backyard, the oven can be easily be detached for tailgating and camping. Adjustable vents in the lid and dampers under the fire allow easy temperature control for slow cooking without flare-ups from dripping fat. Once the lid is lowered, the food cooks evenly - bathed in smoke for an unforgettable charcoal-fed hickory smoked flavor.
Because of its aluminum construction, the Portable Kitchen® cooker will last for years without rusting. And, it's completely made in the good ole' USA!

• Functions as a grill and independent cooking roaster without flare-ups!
• Four adjustable vents and dampers (two top and two bottom) control temperature.
• All aluminum construction will not rust.
• Oven detaches from carriage for easy cleaning, camping and tailgating.
• Hinged grid allows easy refueling, without removing food.
• Made completely in the USA!
• Side and bottom trays hold food and utensils.

Unbeatable Cooking Control
The heavy cast aluminum construction of the Portable Kitchen® cooker reflects heat from all surfaces far better than cookers made from other materials. This reflected heat cooks food more evenly without constant turning or repositioning on the grill.
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